The project with an annual output of 100,000 tons of Battery Aluminum Foil and Double Zero Aluminum Foil has entered the equipment installation stage.

The first batch of low-temperature annealing furnace equipment for the project of battery aluminum foil and double zero aluminum foil with an annual output of 100 thousand tons has been installed recently. The project headquarters of the aluminum processing business department actively coordinated the foundation construction of the first batch of annealing furnaces, and organized the timely delivery.

At present, the equipment assembly work is progressing intensively and orderly. According to the project progress plan, it is expected that the splicing of 3 annealing furnaces will be completed before April, the commissioning of 10 annealing furnaces will start in March, and the installation and commissioning of all 32 annealing furnaces will be completed by the end of May for trial production. 

Post time: Feb-28-2018